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corporate social responsibility

Aldgate Lawyers is a socially responsible corporation. You can be assured that in choosing Aldgate you too are contributing to a better planet. It is more than recycled paper, fuel efficient cars and carbon consumption minimisation (although of course we do those), we believe that corporations have an obligation to contribute to, not plunder, global sustainability.

Aldgate donates ten percent of its annual net group profit to sponsorships of global social initiatives. In this regard, Aldgate directs funds to initiatives which support the following.
  • Cross cultural understanding;
  • Environmental sustainability; and
  • The elimination of extreme poverty
Aldgate's current initiative is to support extreme poverty reduction in Africa through grass roots development. Particularly, by supporting the distribution of information and communication technology in Africa.

If you would like to know more about what we are doing, please contact us. We would appreciate your support.

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